Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Scandal of the week at CC

The Senior Pastor of Calvary of Albuquerque resigned this past weekend.

The reason given in his final message was that he was unable to work within the structure of CC Abq.

What is the Structure of CC Abq?
Calvary Chapel's are led by the Senior Pastor under the Moses Principle. Legally, they have to have a board of directors under their articles of incorporation in most states. The board of directors is selected by the Senior Pastor.

Who is on the CC Abq Board?
At Calvary Chapel of Abq the board consists of John Fidel, Gino Geraci, Skip Heitzig, Raul Ries, Paul Saber, and Paul Scozzafava. Only one of these men attends CC Abq. The rest are pastors in other Calvary Chapels.

Former Pastor, Heitzig, on the Board
Skip Heitzig who is on the board, was the former pastor of the church. This probably does not concern most CC folks but if you are from outside CC the idea of having the former pastor on the board is unbelievable. It's considered a violation of the ethical standards of most churches to have the former pastor involved in his former church.

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